Meeting Notes for 30 November

Present: Liz, Joel, Sudha, Ken, Mark, Marge (background)

Notre Dame VPN

Notre Dame is changing the VPN software used for off-campus people to access the VMs. Joel will look into it and email people (Sudha, Tom, Mark, Mihael) that it might affect. Historically, the VPN software is only troublesome for Linux.


Sudha is making updates to the Notifications feature and the tutorial regarding it. We've found that teachers don't use this feature often. We should ask the Fellows whether they use it, and also make sure everyone knows about the existence of the tutorial.


Mark raises a new issue: several teachers have not been able to add new DAQs to their accounts. When they attempt to, they find that their research group is left blank in the pull-down menu.

There's a notice on the page that indicates that research groups created before summer of 2009 no longer appear, and there's an easy workaround of creating a new group; old DAQs for that account are inherited and show up under the new group.

There must have been a reason we disabled groups before that threshold, but it's worth revisiting when the developers have the time. Sudha will file this as a bug. She also notes that she's continually documenting these types of quirks and their workarounds on her wiki sandbox, with the goal of making a publicly-accessible reference for them.


In the coming weeks, Ken will meet with people about advancing a NOvA Masterclass, and he will organize a similar meeting with MicroBooNE people.

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-12-01


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