Meeting Notes for 2 November

Present: Liz, Joel, Mark, Sudha, Ken


Ken reports good progress on developing Masterclasses with three major neutrino experiments (NOvA, MINERvA, and microBooNE), with microBooNE being especially energetic. There are suggestions of creating separate Masterclasses with microBooNE and NOvA, respectively.

The Masterclasses will require the development of a data set and event display, and can serve as preliminary "focus groups" for later e-Lab development. The e-Lab development would be led by QuarkNet developers, though there's promise of collaboration with the IT sides of the neutrino experiments.

Ken will meet with Tom on Monday (7 Nov) to discuss, among other things, WebGL development of the neutrino event display and improvements to CIMA. Joel might join remotely depending on how his CIMA development has progressed.


A working Δt upgrade to the Shower Analysis is on i2u2-dev. The only remaining test is the sort-column function, which Joel intends to finish today (2 Nov) and have tested for deployment to production by Friday.

Sudha's still working on the Shower tutorial, which is on i2u2-dev. She encourages feedback.


Joel promises to have updates on the LIGO data problem by next week.

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-11-02


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