Meeting Notes for 5 October

Present: Joel, Liz, Sudha, Tom, Mark, Ken, Marge (background)


Ken has created a new detector geometry page that the rest of the group can use as a resource. He's asked the LHC fellows to help edit the screencasts.


  • Mark and Sudha are working on a step-by-step for the Shower Analysis. It may be completed as soon as this week; it'll be the last step-by-step needed for the current CR analyses.
  • Mark is putting together a group for a long-term cosmic ray experiment using the Lederman center's solar tracker. Ken and Marge suggest that the Drupal site is good for group organization, but full access is limited to those with QuarkNet accounts. Mark will continue to consider options.
  • Joel has first-draft Java code for the delta-t improvements to the Shower Analysis. JSP code is next. He may have to explore reformatting the Analysis output page HTML

CIMA Improvements

No major updates. Joel will work on his portion this afternoon.


  • Sudha is now having localhost problems on both iMac and laptop. She has upgraded software on one or both of them.
  • Joel is out of ideas for his iMac, but has a working localhost on his laptop.

Ad Board Meeting

Tom, Sudha, and Joel will coordinate their slides for the IT portion of the presentation. Tom already has a draft of his contribution; Joel will try to have one by the end of Thursday. A deliverable (if not final) draft should be put together by next week's teleconference so that refinements can be discussed.


Joel will upgrade the Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE) of the VMs this coming Friday evening. This is necessary for them to continue receiving kernel security updates. No deployments are planned.

The VMs currently run Ubuntu 14.04.5LTS, but Joel and the CRC engineers are preparing to upgrade them to 16.04.1LTS in the coming month or so.

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