Meeting Notes for 24 August

Present: Joel, Liz, Mark, Sudha, Marge


  • The new outreach coordinator (replacing Dale) should be in place by the end of August. We should be energetic in engaging the new person. Joel will email the default outreach address and connect him or her with everyone else when he gets a response. Starting agenda:
    • Send links to introductory material and the Drupal site
    • Invite to the developers phone conference
    • Ask about getting the Livingston site more involved
    • Replace missing data from Hanford
  • Sudha will put up a short disclaimer about the missing data on the LIGO e-Lab page or Newsbox.


Sudha has almost finished setting up git-svn and has found it a useful improvement. Her next step will be Eclipse.

Cosmic Ray

  • Mark encountered some trouble running a shower analysis with two GPS devices. Not sure if it's a software bug or hardware problem. He'll investigate more.
  • Lots of new detector orders, largely as a consequence of summer workshops. Dave is on it.

EQUIP/Raspberry Pi

  • Sudha finished getting EQUIP working on the Raspberry Pi's and has a good set of notes on the process. She'll get input from Ken and Shane about making these publicly available. Options:
    • Developers' wiki
    • Drupal site
    • e-Lab Resources and Teacher pages
    • Detector manuals (both the Pi's and EQUIP generally)
  • Is it time to begin offering EQUIPped RaspPi's with the detector kit? Consensus is "yes"
    • ND can buy a bunch, deliver to Fermi for EQUIP installation. Then, we can offer them at workshops and with new detector orders.
    • There shouldn't be an IP issue with Purdue, since our software is a separate fork modified significantly by Edit.

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-08-24


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