Meeting Notes for 10 August

Present: Joel, Liz, Mark, Sudha, Marge


Reconstructing stream files on i2u2-ligo hasn't succeeded yet. Reconstructed files are even worse than current ones. Still looking into it.


The Cosmic Ray data API is finished. Consensus is that it doesn't add enough benefit to the e-Lab to prioritize integrating it into the website code.

Raspberry Pi

Sudha is working on installing EQUIP onto a RaspberryPi for use with cosmic ray muon detectors. She's having some difficulty with an ad-hoc script that Edit used. Update: shortly after the teleconference, she was successful.


We seem to have stalled at the point of articulating group priorities (see Priorities Page). We decided everyone should get their three highest priorities added to the table at the bottom, and then we will formulate group priorities with Marge during the 24 August teleconference.

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-08-10


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