Meeting Notes for 22 June

Present: Joel, Liz, Marge, Mark, Sudha, Ken


We need to
  1. Roll out the new interface - Ken reports Tom will be ready in a few weeks. We need to be able to save plots, though.
  2. Fix expository text, some of which hasn't been updated since the Higgs discovery. Ken will send Sudha copy for this.

Cosmic Ray

CR Fellows have asked for the ability to create e-Lab accounts. No one has a problem with this.


  • Extensive discussion of individual priorities, soon channeled into a new I2u2Priorities.
  • Marge asks how Jupyter notebooks fit into our overall priorities. They allow students to make plots not allowed in the e-Lab, and they allow students a closer look at the underlying code to see what kinds of computational tools scientists use. Nevertheless, several aspects of the current e-Lab site require attention, and we should carefully prioritize how projects like Open Cosmics fit into our workflow.
-- Main.JoelG - 2016-07-13


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