Meeting Notes for 8 June

Present: Joel, Tom, Liz, Sudha, Mark, Marge

Cosmic Ray

  • Tom gave us a rundown of his experience with the Open Cosmics project at CERN, including efforts to analyze QuarkNet data in HiSPARC's Sapphire API. He's not certain this provides a long-term solution to pooling cosmic ray data, but it does illustrate the utility of having this kind of access to our own raw data. Jupyter notebooks for this purpose are probably worth pursuing.
  • We discussed potential projects with Fermi's TARGET summer program. Anything that integrates directly with the e-Lab is not practical, but we can make data available to the program and help develop learning projects that use it. Mark points out that all analyses begin with threshold files, so that may be the best place to start. Otherwise, .bless files or .out files might work. Brainstormed ideas include
    • Finding a novel way to analyze CR data that can later be included in the e-Lab
    • Working with the "flux as a function of barometric pressure" code that Edit and Mark developed
    • Working on basic elements of a Jupyter notebook as part of a potential Python API to QuarkNet CR data


  • The state of the website's documentation came up. Sudha and Joel will make a dedicated effort to improving it.
  • There are problems saving plots in both LIGO and Cosmic. Liz reports LIGO problems only when logged in as Guest, but Ken reported similar problems with the recent LIGO workshop. The Cosmic plot-saving problem occurs with the Time-of-Flight analysis and is not limited to the Guest account.


Mark is in contact with a high school student that wants to volunteer with QuarkNet. Tom is receptive to a project of developing Jupyter notebooks for interacting with CMS data.

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