Meeting Notes for 11 May

Present: Joel, Liz, Tom, Sudha, Mark, Marge


Tom introduced the group to Jupyter, an IPython Notebook-based data science environment. He's developing a browser-based Jupyter environment for the large amount of LHC data released through the CERN Open Data Portal last week. This is not intended for use with the CMS e-Lab, but can be made available to students and teachers interested in exploring physics and/or data science.

He also expects to be able to rollout changes to the CMS e-Lab at the beginning of June if Ken is amenable (something involving calibration study and headers).

Cosmic Ray

  • Sudha reports that several Polarstern DAQ GPS coordinate errors are still unresolved, and the DAQs are showing up off the coast of Brazil. She will fix the coordinates herself this week.
  • She will also move her GPS tutorial materials to i2u2-prod and add a link to the Resources page. Changes should be deployed Friday afternoon during the CRC shutdown.

Cosmic DAQ intellectual property

Marge met with a lawyer last week. The EQUIP software belongs primarily to Purdue, with Edit's contributions falling under the auspices of Notre Dame.

Groups from Italy and Denmark are interested in Raspberry-Pi-based DAQS. We'll have to wait to hear back from the lawyer (Aaron?) before it's clear whether or not we can supply firmware-modified RasPi DAQs to users outside of QuarkNet.

Admin tools - Active/Inactive Users

Marge asked Joel to investigate Edit's "Active User" list ( to determine where the data originates and how is best to alter it.

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