Meeting Notes for 20 April

Present: Joel, Ken, Liz, Sudha, Marge, Mark, Dave H (background)

Cosmic Community/Raspberry Pi DAQs

There was some discussion of licensing issues that I couldn't quite follow (Joel). Marge wanted to know if there were problems with sending Raspberries Pi* to QuarkNet teachers. The RasPi units will have EQUIP (developed by QuarkNet with contributions from Purdue and Edit) and Raspian OS (open source). As delivery mechanisms for the software, Ken thinks there should be no problem making these available to users outside of QuarkNet. Marge would like to confirm with Cherry (Cherry Murray, director of DOE Office of Science?) that using RasPi units will be acceptable.

There was also some discussion of power supply to the RasPi in international settings. Ken reported no problems using them in Germany, and notes that they are low-powered enough to run from a cell phone charger. Dave was optimistic that the DAQ power supplies give enough current to power the Pi via a cable to the PSU.

* I know it's wrong but the other way looks wronger

Cosmic Ray GPS

Ken and Sudha agree that for users who haven't responded to emails about errant GPS coordinates, Sudha will contact them with what we think their GPS coordinates are and offer to update them.

Bulk Registration

Evidently there was a technical problem when we tried this before. No one remembers exactly what. Edit or Phong might.

Log Book

Do we use the Logbook function? Should we keep it?


There was some discussion of integrating with Google, at least in the sense of allowing users to login to the e-Labs using their Google account. Mark noted that he used Google Maps with flux plots during his Muon Week videoconferences.


The "requirements" document that formed the basis of the Drupal site development would probably have been in Tom Jordan's archive. Joel will contact Senem about obtaining the one we sent to Xeno Media.

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-05-02


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