Meeting Notes for 6 April

Present: Joel, Ken, Liz, Sudha, Marge, Mark, Tom

Drupal Site

Lots of uncertainty remains about the future of the Drupal site. The fundamental problem is that its PHP code is out-of-date and will require an upgrade of the Drupal version itself before it will be allowed on CRC servers.

To what platform will we upgrade the site?
  • Drupal 7 or 8 (non-Commons)
  • Drupal Commons 3 (built on Drupal 7)
  • WordPress (Fermilab is moving to WordPress)
How will the upgrade occur?
  • Xeno Media
  • Someone at Notre Dame - OIT?
Is anyone at ND capable of converting the site into any of the upgrade possibilities?

We need a concrete list of what features we need from the site.

Joel will start researching and putting together requirements.


  • No big updates on GPS cleanup
  • Mark intends to get the Time-of-Flight tutorial into production in time for the facilitator workshop in 2 weeks. Not much feedback from the fellows on it so far, but they'll have the chance to give input before deployment.

Summer CMS Workshops

Ken plans to get an initial set of changes to the CMS e-Lab workshop completed this month, with the goal of deploying by 1 June for workshops held over the summer.

Plans to make some screencasts
  • A general how-to
  • Explaining things users should understand better than they tend to do now, like pseudorapidity
He's been working with Jeremy on this and they'll prepare some sample plots.

Tom reports that he just needs to add plot printing to the e-Lab for a finished product. Since this involves keeping plots associated with the users who make them, he needs the full stack of the website working locally, which he's still trying to accomplish (along with Joel and Sudha).

He estimates this can be finished by June, along with some new data for the e-Lab.

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