Meeting Notes for 16 March

Present: Joel, Ken, Marge, Liz, Mark, Sudha

Cosmic GPS

  • Everyone seems okay with the method of hiding 0,0 detectors. Mark and Sudha will go through the data files.
  • There's some problem with Polarstern detectors. Marge asks why a school would be listed as Polarstern when it wasn't Bob's. Ken suggests
    • A Polarstern detector was given to someone
    • (more likely) Someone at Hamburg or DESY Zeuthen is using a Polarstern account without changing GPS.
  • Sudha will commit code to block 0,0 detectors on 4.0-ND-prod for deployment to i2u2-prod Friday night.
  • (Background for those who are just joining us: evidently Bob Peterson, now retired from the project, at one point took several cosmic ray detectors aboard the German arctic/antarctic research vessel Polarstern to collect data)

LIGO News Box

Sudha has been examining the Cosmic News Box feature to prepare for improving the LIGO one.


We'd like to move Bugzilla usage away from ANL in addition to everything else (Bugzilla is now the only thing we have there). Joel can't use it, but Sudha can. Joel will try to fix his account, but we should be thinking of transferring it in the near future.


Marge will follow up with Kevin about the Drupal site. Evidently the move away from Drupal Commons has not been an issue for other projects that Xeno Media has worked with.

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