Meeting Notes for 9 March

Present: Joel, Liz, Mark, Sudha

Cosmic GPS

  • Sudha fixed Tblisi by duplicating the existing detector and editing it, rather than editing the original. Will this technique cause unexpected errors? With, say, analyses? Edit didn't know for sure.
  • She's had virtually no response to emails to those with errant 0,0 detectors. Mark will contact the mentors; Sudha will generate a list.
  • Sudha has a solution to block 0,0 detectors from appearing on the map. She will test and then deploy it in the near future.
  • Liz suggests that a systematic error must cause 0,0 entries. Too many users that should know how to enter GPS coordinates are getting 0,0 listings. Mark suggests something happens when users duplicate detectors?
  • Something about Polar Stern and Michelle W.

Cosmic Time-of-Flight

  • Only Martin S has responded to Sudha's email about the tutorial deployed to i2u2-dev. He found a bug in the binning for combined plots.
  • Joel will look into bug.


These items were mostly fixed before I even got around to making these notes, but they're noted here for the record
  • There's an email on the CI Wiki that might get help more promptly than going through MCS. Joel will try it.
  • Sudha hasn't heard back from the CRC about her account.
  • Note: "MA reminded about shower timing study fix". Don't remember what this means.
  • Joel can't use Bugzilla (not fixed)
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