Meeting Notes for 2 March

Present: Joel, Liz, Mark, Ken, Sudha

Cosmic Time-of-Flight

  • Mark and Sudha have been making edits and fixes. 2nd draft might be finished today for redeployment to i2u2-dev.
  • Factoid: .tiff files will only view on Safari

Cosmic other

  • Mark found that "plot report" caused a crash in at least one instance. He'll send info to Joel to look at and submit it as a bug.
  • Martin Shaffer found that data from one high school has disappeared since the transition to ND. Mark will investigate.


  • A few suggestions for improving LIGO have been noted, including making the News Box behave more like Cosmic's (full-page width?), making the Data Plotting page more user-friendly, and making the "Plot" button more prominent.
  • Given the upswing in attention to LIGO, it would be good to identify "golden" channels that show off interesting features of the e-Lab. Dale can probably help with this.
  • Liz has been in contact with Katie at the FNAL Communications Office about publicizing the e-Lab.


We need feedback from Xeno Media about how they recommend upgrading the site to comply with CRC security requirements. The developers agree that hosting from Rackspace is not a permanent solution.

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