Meeting Notes for 24 February

Present: Joel, Liz, Mark, Ken, Sudha, Tom, Marge


  • Sudha and Liz worked on the News Alert.
  • The two big problems of the past week (no data, Pre-Test can't submit) are solved, but Joel can't recreate Scott's pop-up error when saving data.


  • Mark and Sudha have a Time-of-Flight tutorial up on i2u2-dev. Unfortunately, i2u2-dev is down since Joel deployed to it immediately before the meeting. We'll review it next week.
  • Bob couldn't help with 0,0 detectors. He recommended contacting Michael Walter of DESY Zeuthen or Carolyn Schwert.

User Communication

  • We considered creating two new listservs in addition to cre-labusers@fnal, one for each of the other e-Labs, in order to communicate with all e-Lab users conveniently. Realizing that this would double-count many users, we ended up deciding that a single global listserv of all e-Lab users would be better.
  • We should also specify a succession of responsibility for server problems, especially since so many are contributing on a part-time basis. Currently the order is Joel -> Sudha -> Mark, with a dash of "find Edit and bug her" thrown in wherever necessary.

Physical Server Inventory

Three physical machines at ANL are still not identified:
Someone suggested they might be Mike's, which sounds reasonable. Since he's going to be on site to gather the servers, he'll be able to identify them if so.

-- Main.jgriffith - 2016-02-29
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