Meeting Notes for 3 February

Present: Joel, Liz, Mark, Ken, Sudha, Edit

Site migration

We have new website service! Developers report that the features they've been using are working well:
  • (Sudha) DAQ list
  • (Ken) registration, iSpy, CIMA
  • (Mark) uploading, performance, benchmarking, showers and blessing for Cosmic Rays

Drupal site

We'd like to get this done on the coming Saturday, Feb 6. Will check with Xeno Media.

Mailing Lists

We'll keep for accounts and create something like for the Help Desk.

Cosmic detector GPS

Only 2 responses to emails about incorrect coordinates. One (Tblisi) had accidentally entered "west" instead of "east". The other reported that the DAQ had been returned to Fermilab. This prompted Sudha to discover that many DAQ's at 0,0,0 GPS coordinates have been returned to Fermilab. General discussion of what to do about these.

Mark suggests looking at the raw data is the best way to process and fix bad coordinates, but he and Sudha will need access to the ND servers for this. In progress.

Shower project

Joel will visit Fermi in the near future to work with Mark and Sudha on the shower project.

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