Meeting Notes for 27 January

Present: Joel, Liz, Mark, Ken, Sudha, Edit, Marge, Tom

January 30 remains the target date for transferring to


  • The Drupal code includes a cross-db query to one of the db's on i2u2-db which caused some problems, since the CRC doesn't allow public connections to i2u2-db. We will disable this query for as long as the site is on Rackspace. This means that some functions of the Drupal site's Detector Report page will be temporarily unavailable.
  • Xeno Media thinks the Jan 30 deadline is too tight to commit to, but expects to be able to take the site live from Rackspace by the end of the following week. We will leave the site on Argonne's servers until then.

Mailing Lists

  • Joel is looking into alternate hosts for the mailing lists, including Fermilab and ND OIT. If we don't mind converting to addresses, Fermi certainly will work. There was no objection to doing this during discussion.
  • Still planning on moving these by Jan 30.

New Server Testing

Several people doing testing of i2u2-prod. On the whole, the site seems ready to go live. Most if not all problems uncovered are minor and pre-existing site quirks that don't affect core functionality.

Event Display

Ken and Tom are happy with the new CMS Event Display, save for one quirk:
  • Colors no longer invert appropriately. This is important for public displays (projection in high ambient light, for example).


Sudha has developed documentation for the Time-of-Flight feature with Mark's input. It will be ready to rollout to development (at ND) soon.

Cosmic Detector Map

Sudha's working on cleaning up the GPS coordinates using the method she, Edit and Mark developed last week. She notes that the database of user email addresses may warrant some clean-up next.

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