Meeting Notes for 13 January

Present: Joel, Liz, Mark, Ken, Sudha, Marge, Tom


  • Joel will collect information on the Rackspace site and prepare a report to Xenomedia.
  • We'll get in touch with ANL to arrange for DNS switchover when the new site is ready.

Mailing Lists

  • Ken and Mark volunteer to manage the mailing list used to request a teacher account. At least one manager must be a Fermilab employee; this is currently Liz but will transfer to Mark.
  • Liz suggests moving the mailings lists, currently hosted at ANL, to Fermi. (retro-note: we moved them to i2u2-wiki at ND, instead).

New Server Testing (carried over from Jan 6)

Now that i2u2-dev is active, it needs comprehensive testing.
  • Ken will test CIMA and (with Tom) the CMS event display and other e-Lab functions
  • The Cosmic Fellows will test the Cosmic Ray e-Lab, but may not be able to be exhaustive, especially given the holiday
  • Liz will email Dale with LIGO to get his help testing that e-Lab.
Current status:
  • Liz reports that Dale did some excellent testing of the LIGO e-Lab.
  • Mark has been testing the time-of-flight elements of the Cosmic e-Lab. There's a bug involving the recent New Year calendar rollover. He'll submit a bug report to Bugzilla.
  • Mark will engage the fellows to do some more testing of the Cosmic e-Lab, with updates next week.
  • Tom has just gotten CRC access; he will deploy some new CMS event display code and test it. Possible updates next week.
  • Someone should test the poster capabilities. Sudha?
  • Someone should test the site registration.

Event Display Testing

The new event display draws a relatively large amount of data to the client upon startup. Ken will set up a large-scale test (preferably ~100 users) to see if multiple concurrent transfers will strain the data server.

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