Meeting Notes for 25 November

Present: Joel, Liz, Bob, Mark, Sudha, Ken


  • Users hitting login cap: general support for an admin function usable by teacher accounts to force-logout stuck student accounts. Need Edit to evaluate feasiblilty.
  • The fellows would like some minor changes to the blessing mechanism. Bob will discuss later with Edit.
  • Bob notices that an equation on the muon lifetime experiment keeps breaking. It's on both www13 and www18. He'll send info to Joel for fixing it.

Server transfer

Lots of progress:
  • Edit and Mihael got the development VM (i2u2-dev) and the database VM (i2u2-db) ready to go. Users are encouraged to test its features and report problems to Joel and Edit.
  • With Edit away, there's no word on the completion of the rsync between data4 and i2u2-data. However, enough data is already available for some purposes, such as running cosmic analyses.
  • The Drupal website VM (i2u2-quarknet) will be the next focus of transfer. Senem's problems accessing the VM have been sorted out, and we should be underway early next week. Transferring the developers's wiki (this one) is then on deck.
  • After the website is tested, we will clone i2u2-dev as i2u2-prod and update Argonne's DNS server to link to that IP at Notre Dame. We will then update the Notre Dame DNS server to do the same and then, if everything is working properly, have GoDaddy's DNS redirect to ND's instead of to Argonne's. I forgot to discuss this during the teleconference, but it fits nicely here.


Mark and Sudha are making good progress with the tutorial.


The freezing problem on the data laptops that Bob reported last week should not be considered an ongoing problem. However, it's agreed that more data on how EQUIP works under various hardware/OS configurations would be good to have. Mark reports that it works fine for him on OS X Mavericks and Yosemite.


Sudha has some geometry updates to rollout. Joel will hopefully be able to figure out how to do this without Edit's help. Tune in next week to find out.

-- Main.jgriffith - 2015-11-25
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