Meeting Notes for 18 November

Present: Joel, Edit, Liz, Bob, Mark, Sudha, Ken


  • Duplicated files: Edit has rolled out code to fix. Some discussion of the details of the problem, but no change in solution (use first file, ignore second).
  • Will not add "deleting files" to the FAQ, since it's not a frequent problem.


Edit reports that one user with a large student base oversaw a number of logins sufficient to hit the cap, which then barred further student logins.

User reported that logged-in browsers were closed. When they were reopened, users appeared logged out on the browser side, preventing her from manually logging out the active accounts. Evidently, however, the login persisted on the server side, leading to hitting the cap.

Edit restarted the server to clear the logged-in accounts, but this is not a suitable general solution.

Proposed solutions include
  • altering Tomcat's native 30-min session timeout to more quickly eliminate unused logins
  • creating an admin function to forcibly log out user accounts
  • ensuring that accounts log out automatically when the browser is closed.
Consensus is that more thought is needed; Edit will research and Bob will contact the user for more information

Server transfer

  • Correction to last week's notes: the rsync between data4 and i2u2-data was, at that time, 90% complete for one folder. The overall rsync of 7.8TB is, as of this time, about 4TB complete. Edit estimates another week to completion, but notes that the dev folder is done and can be used for testing.
  • Joel is establishing user accounts and permissions for PostgreSQL and MySQL on i2u2-db and cleaning these tables in the process. He will install Apache and Tomcat on i2u2-dev.
  • Nothing is done on i2u2-prod, since once i2u2-dev is ready, we can just clone that VM into i2u2-prod.
  • Still need to get Apache, PHP and Git on the Drupal VM i2u2-quarknet
  • We'll need to set up some test domains at Argonne with redirects to ND for production, development, and Drupal until the switch is complete. Joel created a GoDaddy account and sent transfer details to Mike Wilde, so we'll wait for that to complete to proceed.

African School of Physics

In August 2016, Ken will participate in the African School of Physics in Kigali, Rwanda. He intends to lead a Masterclass and would like to include e-Lab workshops with cosmic ray detectors and CMS event displays. Network connectivity will be a technical challenge that he wants the IT team to be able to consider well in advance.


Tom has finished CMS event display upgrades.


Mark created a tutorial storyboard and is developing it with Sudha. As requested, Edit and Liz have feedback for it.


Bob reports that two Mac laptops used as data machines for cosmic ray detectors at Fermilab have locked up after a forced OS upgrade. This could be a problem for EQUIP.

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