Meeting Notes for 11 November

Present: Joel, Bob, Edit, Ken, Liz, Mark, Sudha


  • Recent error submitted regarding duplicate files. The resolution is to accept 1st file, ignore the 2nd, see if this continues to be a problem. Edit will rollout code changes over the weekend.
  • Should users be encouraged to delete duplicate files? Most don't realize this capability exists. Could also cause problems if more people go around deleting data. Consider adding to the FAQ.
  • There is an issue with the priority queue for analysis. This will wait until after the server migration (which, as Bob points out, might itself help the problem, since the ND VM's should be able to handle the load better).

Server transfer

As of the meeting time, Edit's rsync of the CMS, cosmic, and LIGO data (7.5TB) from data4 to i2u2-data was 90% complete. This can be used to test the rest of the installation, and will need to be resynced at the time of the switch-over, since data4 will have collected more data in the intervening time.

Installing TWiki, Drupal added to to-do list.


The site has social-network-style notifications for users, which is little-used. Sudha offers to make screencast illustrating their use.


Joel and Bob will discuss design improvements.


Ken reports Tom should have CMS event display upgrades ready in ~1 week.


No significant progress this week. No feedback from fellows so far.

Sister Centers

Ken has identified a user candidate from Mongolia who will be visiting the US next summer (2016) and might receive a cosmic ray detector and training. This may serve as a good test of the Sister City/Sister Center program idea that seems to have been floating around. Ken also has candidates in Santiago and Japan. General consensus seems positive for the idea.

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