Meeting Notes for 21 October

Present: Bob, Mark ( by phone), Liz, Ken, Joel, Marge, Sudha, Uta


  • Wiki references:
    • Sudha is moving is moving wiki pages from the old wiki to Drupal cosmic ray e-Lab fellows and center group.
      Problem w/ uploading documents: Need to increase upload size in php.ini. Found using the setting to include documents in the menu on right useful.
  • Joel's first assignment:
    • No progress yet with the new HelpDeskRequest code.
  • HelpDesk:
    • Mark is joining the HelpDesk team.
  • Servers at ND:
    • Joel reports good progress on ND side of the server move.
  • Systems at ND:
    • Contact Paul for follow-up.
  • Moving Developer's TWiki at CI:
    • ND does not support Wikis; Fermilab has twiki as part of Redmine and there is software to import content, but there is no guarantee of the results will look the same as they currently look on twiki; Drupal would be a lot of work; perhaps best option is to deploy a twiki on one of the virtual machines at Notre Dame and move the content there.


  • Google map and detectors:
    • Several detector GPS coordinates are clearly incorrect. LQ suggests users should be asked to check their coordinates and re-enter them if necessary.
    • There was disagreement on how to handle this. Bob wants to wait until Edit gets back so that she can implement adding the globe to another page where he can easily discover who owns the detector with the incorrect geometry. Basically this puts it on hold until Edit gets back.
  • Cosmic interactive plots:
    • Sudha is still waiting for feedback from fellows and staff.
  • Time of Flight:
    • MA has sketched out a how-to. Feedback solicited.
  • Step by step and tutorials:
    • Sudha is still waiting for feedback from staff on Step by Step. She needs to update a few graphics because the execution mode has been removed from the analyses..
  • No updates about these topics:
    • Priority queue for cosmic analyses.
    • Dealing with Out of Memory Exception in large shower studies.


  • Exploration: new interface.
    • Tom McCauley is preparing CMS updates to EP for deployment when EP returns.
-- Main.LizQuigg - 2015-11-03 (Based on Joel Griffith notes)
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