Meeting Notes for 30 September

Present: Bob, Mark, Liz, Sudha, Edit


  • Wiki references:
    • Check if files are in Drupal and update the references in the e-Lab.
  • References to
    • Make a list for Liz to double check if we can change the references.
  • Joel's first assignment:
    • Work with the new HelpDeskRequest code.


  • Data Search:
    • Will modify the quick searches to fill out the input box rather than submitting a search.
    • Will keep the 3 months worth of data in the default search.
    • Will modify the disclaimer and add "To speed up searches..."
  • Google map and detectors:
    • Will add legend to each point including DAQ#, School, City, State, Stacked? (School, City and State from latest upload).
    • Will try to add search capabilites smile
  • Analysis Execution Modes:
    • Will make them all local and get rid of the options.
  • Cosmic interactive plots:
    • Performance and Flux: Bob will try to get feedback from the fellows.
    • Lifetime and Shower: we will discuss these in the future. We will define what we actually want from interactive plots for these analyses.
  • Time Of Flight:
    • Mark will review the functionality.
    • Bob will try to get Martin involved in order to write a tutorial.
  • Priority Queue:
    • Bring the code back to development for testing.
  • Gracefully deal with out of memory conditions with shower results problem:
    • Edit's working with this code. Soon it will be in the development site for testing.
  • Step by step and tutorials:
    • Bob and Mark will review these for Performance, Flux and Lifetime and give feedback to Sudha.
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