Meeting Notes for 29 July

Present: Bob, Liz, Sudha, Edit


  • Server Problems:
    • Edit will examine the server log to see if we can figure out what caused to not respond yesterday.
    • Limit the guest user for requests, analyses, etc.
  • Shower Study:
    • We went over all Mark's requests:
      • Multiplicity total: we decided to hide this under advanced options
      • We need to add definitions to all columns. Edit will add a link on top of the shower study, roll changes out to 13 and Bob will get the fellows' feedback.
  • EQUIP:
    • We will discuss again with Mark his request to change the 100ns gatewidth to 500ns.
    • Bob requested we remove the geometry tab.
  • Time Of Flight:
    • Check if the controls can be hidden so as not to make the page so busy.
  • General:
    • Change Performance to Perf in the menu and roll it out to 13.
    • Ask Mihael about the estimation calculation.
-- Main.EditPeronja - 2015-07-29
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