Meeting Notes for 19 Feb

Present: Bob, TomJ, Liz, Ken, Sudha, Edit


  • Replacement of Blessfiles:
    • We still need to finish STEP 1. Tom J will work with the last batch of files that need to be reviewed. The files in this last group present problems when comparing the actual new vs old blessfile.
    • Edit will run autobless and dry-run of blessing routine to get reports without having completed STEP 1 and will share the reports with the team.
  • Request to add a warning for blessfiles that are replaced:
    • Edit will add "We have improved the precision on this blessfile" to the blessing plots. This will go below the description of the blessfile on top of the page.
  • Bug 641:
    • Edit will add icons to the right of Control Registers in the blessing plots page. The current icons that displays is the 'comments'. Edit will add the 'star' indicating blessed/unblessed and when the user hovers the star, the success/failure message will display in a tooltip.
  • Bug 645:
    • The current failure message for blessing plots will be replaced by Tom's suggested message. This will take effect as soon as the new code is rolled out.
  • Bug 643:
    • We need to discuss this request further. We need to understand why the user might need to show more than one day in the blessing plots. This is on hold.
  • Bug 649: Bugs in the creation of Threshold Times:
    • Edit will roll out the fix to the code this coming weekend. But this will not be the final fix because all the static files will need to be recreated when Tom finally fixes the cpld frequency calculation at split time.
  • Interactive graphs:
    • Edit is working with the trial library from


  • i2u2 hardware replacement:
    • Edit will talk to Mike Wilde to brainstorm how to speed up this process.


  • CIMA documentation for the wiki:
    • Ken will add the description of what CIMA is to the setup documentation file that Edit wrote.

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