Meeting Notes for 11 Feb

Present: Bob, TomJ, Liz, Ken, Sudha, Edit


  • Blessing:
    • Tom J will complete the process of reviewing the files that are left.
    • Edit will update the database, move the OK files and prepare reports for Bob to follow up with the owners of the data.
    • For step 2 we need to decide whether we will re-bless the files. Tom J will forward the proposal again so we can discuss options next week.
  • Cpldfrequencies and shower analysis:
    • Bob has checked the uploads during Muon week and it seems that the cpldfrequencies are OK.
    • We need to come back to working with the code fix after we finish blessing.
  • Talked briefly about the RaspberryPis.
    • Need to set up the new ones at Quarknet as soon as we have all the connectors.
    • Tom J sent Edit links to do some research on this tools for dynamic plots and graphs.


  • Glossary update:
    • We will work with this as soon as the Masterclasses are over (May).


  • i2u2 hardware:
    • Systems at Argonne are working with the machines setup.
  • Documentation:
    • We will start uploading documentation to the Wiki. Currently working with the replacement of the blessfiles process.
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