Meeting Notes for 16 Jul

Present: Liz, Ken, Dale, Edit


  • New Interface for CMS:
    • Ken described what needs to be updated in order to roll this out to production. He will work with Tom M. and keep us updated about progress.
  • Spreadsheets:
    • We discussed different options (EditGrid is not in use anymore). Ken is looking for an alternative.
  • References, Glossary and FAQs:
    • Described updates to all of these. Ken will review what needs to be brought from the wiki and what we will do with missing references or broken links.
  • Teacher's index page:
    • Will remove TOM's name from this page. It seems that we were going to add his motivation techniques but nobody materialized that thought smile

Ligo (this was on 15 July)

  • References:
    • Dale will provide information to fix broken links.
  • Glossary:
    • Dale will review which items need be added to the glossary.
  • FAQs:
    • The FAQs link points to something completely different. Dale will decide what needs to be kept from these references and we will replace that link with actual FAQs for Ligo (with Dale's help).
  • Open Bugs:
    • 370 (a problem with the saved plots): Dale will verify if this is still a problem.
    • 451 (classroom activities): We will review whether these need to be brought back to the e-Lab.
  • Ligo data:
    • Livingston's data is still not stable. A new intern will be working with this and Dale will keep us up to date regarding this data.
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