Meeting Notes for 7 May

Present: Bob, Liz, TomJ, Ken, Edit


  • Cosmic Analysis Queue:
    • We discussed on how the queue was implemented and rolled out on 13. We decided we would check with Mihael for better ideas on how to use our resource better (ie: nodes).
  • Bug 613: Limit number of files for analyses:
    • Bob tested this at www13 and it works. Changes will be included in the next rollout to production.
  • Bug 562: Add 2 digits to latitude and longitude in Geometry.
    • Changes will be included in the next rollout to production.
  • Bug 250: string sanitization:
    • Will be rolled out to production.
  • Bug 607: Cosmic Data Search bottlenecks:
    • Implemented the query at login time for number of splits, schools and states in the db and store values in the user session. Will be rolled out to production.
  • Bug 307: When analyses fail, the error page is uninformative:
    • I will roll out code updates to production sending emails to Bob and Edit for the time being.
  • Cosmic Uploads: we discussing the traditional way we are using against streaming. I will move some of the test code to production so we can do more testing (hidden from the user).


  • Guest user:
    • We will remove the right to "enter" and "save" data from this user.
  • Upgrade to Argonne computers: we will wait for Dan's proposal.
  • Migration to Java 7: in progress.
  • Posters: we need to work with Marge's proposal.
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