Meeting Notes for 12 Feb

Present: Bob, Liz, Edit, TomJ


  • Next steps for the e-Labs:
    • We all worked on a list in Drupal. Tom will send the link to Marge and Mitch on Monday 17th Feb.
  • Session Tracking:
    • Edit added this tool for admin to check how many users have active sessions. Will rollout tonight.
  • Add a math tool to posters:
    • Added a tool to the posters so the user can insert formulas into the text areas. Will rollout tonight.
  • Create user accounts:
    • Bob requested that before creating a new account the code checks for duplicates. The tool to add new accounts needs a major rewrite so we will decide on the priority of this update.


  • Benchmark-highlights:
    • Rolled out to production on Feb 6th.
    • Need to change the data search to extend the resultset to teachers and their groups. Edit will roll out the changes tonight.
    • Message saying that 'only the owner of the data will see blessed/unblessed' needs to change to 'all data associated with your teacher will remain visible etc.'.
    • Talked about uploads that have been made since the rollout. Bob will send a broadcast encouraging people to use the benchmark at upload time.
    • Edit will add code to fire a notification if a user uploaded without using a benchmark.
    • Maybe we need a tool to report findings weekly as to how many uploads with/without benchmark. Add to statistics.
    • A user reported that he would like to see all his data. Bob will email the user to get more information... maybe his legacy data should have been blessed but it didn't?
  • Threshold Times:
    • This has improved the speed in which analyses get completed.
    • Bob will send a broadcast telling users about that.
    • Edit is working with the queue to launch analyses.
    • Edit is also working in having an automated stress test.
  • Cosmic e-Lab statistics:
    • Check bug about analysis run. It shows as zero for all the buckets.
  • Admin view all analysis:
    • Need to enable admin to actually see the analysis results.
  • Purdue-Java:
    • Bob will contact Matthew Jones for an update.
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