Meeting Notes for 28 Jan

Present: Ken, Bob, Liz, Edit, TomJ


  • Registration: discussed the option of enabling mass registration in the web app. Decided not to do it at the moment.
  • Inactive students still show, but where? Ken will find out if this is related to the logbook (nothing has been coded for the logbook yet).
  • Next steps for the e-Lab: we will organize a meeting March 31st through April 2nd to discuss upgrades/updates to the existing web app.


  • Threshold Times: will roll out changes to production during the weekend.
  • Benchmark:
    • Documentation: Bob will continue working on it.
  • Swift libraries: Mihael updated the libraries. They will be rolled out during the weekend.
  • Purdue-Java code:
    • Edit sent modifications to Matthew Jones for his approval.
  • Failed uploads: Edit will upload these files again to test for failures.
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