Meeting Notes for 22 Jan

Present: Ken, Bob, Liz, Edit, TomJ


  • Data 2: Edit will remove all the data transferred to data 4 except for LigoTools and Ligo data.
  • Next steps for the e-Lab: we will organize a meeting in April to discuss upgrades/updates to the existing web app.


  • Threshold Times: Edit will review the code to make sure changes for bug 459 are in.
  • Benchmark:
    • Discussed all the steps prior to rolling out the changes to production.
    • Estimated date for rollout: Jan 31 2014.
    • Autobless scripts: Tom will review the code.
    • Documentation: Bob will work on it.
    • Future milestone: see if we can create the .bless file for the legacy data and checked if these files should be blessed.
  • Swift libraries: follow up with Mihael regarding the updates he was going to work on.
  • Purdue-Java code:
    • updates to the code are available for download and testing.
    • need to test code in Windows enviroment.
  • Failed uploads: Edit will look at the *.meta files in the server to investigate what might have happened.
-- Main.EditPeronja - 2014-01-22
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