Meeting Notes for 23 Oct

Present: Liz, Ken, Bob, TomJ, Edit


  • Threshold Times - We discussed the following steps:
    • Upload creating the threshold times file with Java and/or Perl. We discussed the differences in the .thresh files created and how this can affect the analyses. Edit will look at why the java once in a while has a difference of a digit in the 15th decimal. We will also check how much space the .thresh file will take.
    • Running analyses recreating the Threshold Times files vs using the static file. Time differences. We will all test and compare results.
    • Creating all the .thresh in a process for the already existing files. We need to have data4 up and running. We are waiting on systems at Argonne to help us set this up.
  • Benchmark: need to keep testing before the cut off date.
  • Notifications and other items ready to test at www13. Edit will send an email with issues that need to be tested before the next telecon so everybody will have a chance to look at the documentation before the telecon.
  • Bug 427: There are split files without enddate in the metadata. This causes the analyses jsp to break. Tom will look at these files and Edit will add code to skip these files in the analyses.
-- Main.EditPeronja - 2013-10-23
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