Meeting Notes for 11 Dec

Present: Ken, Bob, TomJ, Edit

All e-Labs

  • Notifications:
    • Liz's feedback: Edit is working on this and will update code soon.
  • New requests ready to be rolled out to production this coming weekend:
    • Admin tool to delete all guest user data.
    • Admin tool to set teachers and their research/groups active/inactive.
  • e-Lab account discussion (multiple teacher roles in the research group table)
    • We will decide how this should work first and then make sure the code follows.


  • Threshold Times:
    • Tom requested we create the static file with more columns including integer values. Tom will provide an example of how the outcome file should be.
    • Tom will test analyses on 13 to compare results using dynamic vs static files.
    • Edit will modify the java code to set the default cpld frequency (when there is no cpld frequency in the metadata) by checking if the detector ids as follows:
      • if detector id < 6000 then the cpld frequency should be 41666667
      • if detector id >= 6000 then the cpld frequency should be 25000000
-- Main.EditPeronja - 2013-12-11
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