Meeting Notes for 6 Nov

Present: Liz, Bob, TomJ, Edit

All e-Labs

  • Allow users to reset password - feedback:
    • Retrieve username: provide all usernames associated with email address entered.
    • Reset password: send email with temporary password.
    • Improve messages.
    • Add reCaptcha.
    • Edit will rollout updates to www13 for everybody to test.
  • Poster Tags - feedback:
    • Fix dropdown after search.
    • Tom suggested we have a 'cloud' of postertag links. Maybe on a different seach page(?).
  • www12:
    • Need to check specs of this machine and decide what we are going to do with it.
    • Edit will check with systems about the specs.
  • File growth rate:
    • Edit wrote a small python program to capture the size of data4 and added it to a cronjob that runs every night. This is still in the test phase and the goal is to get the file size growth in data4 in order to predict when we are going to need a new server.
  • Keep data4 clean and lean - Opportunities:
    • LIGO: keep source files in data2.
    • Cosmic: keep the raw files in data2.
    • Edit will work on this.
  • Notifications:
    • We went over a couple of items regarding the notifications. We are going to be testing and preparing more feedback.
  • Rolling out this week:
    • LIGO changes for code to look at data4 (instead the hardcoded data2 reference).
    • Cosmic geometry 'duplicate' functionality.
    • Cosmic fixed bugs: 427, 511 and 189.
    • NOTE: the code will be ready but we will not rollout due to Ken having a workshop in Japan.


  • Threshold Times:
    • Tom will give more feedback about number precision in Perl.
  • Benchmark - We discussed:
    • The issue of the rate and error being zeros in the .bless files. Tom will get back to us regarding whether the implemented rule in the code needs to be changed.
    • Auto-blessing: Tom will finish the code to run autoblessing on legacy data.
    • How the file search should work after we move blessing to production. Bob will e-mail the fellows for feedback.
  • Geometry 'duplicate' icon:
    • Tom suggested a different icon. Edit will add it and roll out changes to www13.
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