Bob uses the old interface that supports News and FAQs. He is hoping that the new notifications code will also provide an interface for updating his FAQs. Liz pointed out that Notifications is new code and is implemented differently than FAQs.

Reviewing Changes on www13:

Liz suggested looking at Edit’s email of Sept. 18th with the changes on www13 and looking at www13 together to provide feedback to Edit. Here is Edit's email:

  1. Cosmic Benchmark code (see documentation in attachment).
  2. All-Elabs: Notifications. Please have a look at the document attached to check all that has been enabled. There might be 'crashes' because I have not been able to check everything and test everything yet. Also we might need to add/remove some features depending on your feedback. The style wasn't working quite well so we will have to test all the pages the notifications appear and for all the projects. If you see something not showing properly, let me know where.
  3. All-Elabs: Allow user to reset their password. This link will show when the user enters user name and the password is not right. I display a link and it takes the user to a password reset page. I needed to have a real email address to add in the 'from' portion of the message. I cannot use any listserv, they are used for the 'to' portion of the message and can't be used for the 'from' part. I created a temporary email '' for the time being. We need to decide what to do about this. I added to the body of the message a 'do not reply, this goes to an unattended account' for the time being. Suggestions are welcome. If this idea is accepted, then I also need to clean the code.
  4. Cosmic: Geometry 'duplicate' icon. Need to test if it works OK and if you like the icon wink
  5. All-Elabs: Poster tags. We need to come up with a list of tags and start playing with them to see if the code is working fine. /elab/cms(cosmic or ligo)/posters/poster-tags.jsp
We attempted this, but discovered that www13 was down. Tom tried to restart the server using the instructions on the wiki. His crytocard worked, but one of the commands failed. Bob’s crytocard did not work at all. We gave up on looking at changes, but Bob said he would talk to the e-Lab fellows about poster tags and blessing code. He would also test the Cosmic Geometry 'duplicate' code and look at the icon.

At least Tom can now log on with his crytocard. Previously when he was trying to log on, his crytocard failed. He was never able to rollout the change that would have deactivated the code that allowed teachers to change their emails.

Action Items:

  • Find out why Tom cannot restart the server. There should be someone in the group that has this capability besides Edit. Perhaps the commands on the wiki are wrong. ( (Tom and Edit)
  • Bob will talk to the e-Lab fellows about poster tags and blessing code.
  • Bob will also test the Cosmic Geometry 'duplicate' code and look at the icon.


Bob reported that the uploads to www13 and the benchmark files have gone very smoothly.

Now Bob is interested in blessing a whole set of files (bulk blessing) retroactively using Tom’s method that does not require a benchmark file. Tom; We have to come up with a workflow to bless already uploaded data files. It should include a method for coming up with the list of files on development and ultimately on production. It will need to feed Tom’s script a text file with one target file per line using absolute paths. Tom suggests we look at all files that contain ST and DS … command (those that were uploaded with the script that required these command that was introduced about 1.5 years ago. We can do the first test using www13. Bob can start with a subset of files – those for the array using detector 6148. These files should include some data that is patently bad so we can be convinced that the blessing is working properly. Tom did find bad data files in the set he tested previously (about 30 files)

We will run this behind the curtain. Users cannot run this. Only done on the command line.

Action Items:

  • Tom will come up with a workflow for bulk blessing. (also Edit)
  • Bob will test a set of files on www13 using Tom's script for bulk blessing.


South Dakota Workshop next week – Bob will focus on the detector only and not use the e-Lab.

-- Main.LizQuigg - 2013-10-09
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