Meeting Notes for 26 June

Present: TomJ, Liz, Ken and Edit


  • Drupal:
    • Need to ask Senem for suggestions on how to upload big files.
    • Check why the right hand side menu does not always show in Drupal.
    • Request that Senem add more folders to the server (besides the Masterclass).
    • We will start adding new references to Drupal (that otherwise would be added to the MediaWiki).
    • We also proposed to add the FAQs and News to Drupal.
  • Bugzilla:
    • We will start cleaning Bugzilla so it can be more useful for documenting bugs and their fixes.
    • Need to check if Argonne with update the SSL on Bugzilla.
  • Code Checking:
    • Need to see how the transclude tag works and see if we can use it with Drupal pages.


  • Benchmark:
    • Tom has tested in www13 and has given Edit some feedback.
    • There are some ideas on how to search for the benchmark candidates (Register data, dates, all available). We will wait for the Fellows' feedback and work on improving the code.
    • Edit will send Tom the pseudo code to bless files.
    • We might create a wizard to upload with blessing but we will wait for feedback before developing new pages.
-- Main.EditPeronja - 2013-06-26
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