Meeting Notes for 6 June

Present: Bob, Liz, TomJ, Ken, Edit


  • SVN: proposed:
    • save trunk into a branch called old_trunk
    • update trunk with branches/3.0
    • write instructions on how to create branches for testing, merge changes to trunk or branches/3.0 and delete testing branch.
  • Pretest and posttest:
    • we brought up adding a link to continue to the e-Lab without taking the tests but we will wait on feedback to actually do that.
  • data3:
    • Latest news from systems is that we need to wait. Edit will send an email to systems to check the status.
  • New site in Drupal:
    • Edit will send an email to check with Xenomedia regarding the status of this setup.

-- Main.EditPeronja - 2013-06-05
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