Meeting Notes for 27 Mar

Present: TomJ, Liz, Bob, Ken, Edit


  • Stress test for www18/cluster: Scheduled a phone call with Phong to go over these issues and come up with a plan.
    • We need to VPN to those machines and set up some tools (like the ability to restart them remotely).
    • Be able to change setting to prevent the code sending jobs to nodes that are not available.
    • Some of the nodes have issues (old power supply) and sometimes fail. Our plan is to work something out and be able to respond when these machines fail.


  • CMS plots in the logbook:
    • Phong is looking into this code.


  • Bug 455: Code is ready and we will proceed to roll out, update the VDC and the code for the nodes. Scheduled for Thu 28 March in the evening. Steps for this rollout:
    1. Back the database before doing any updates. If the updatevdc actually updates the database, we need to be able to roll back if something goes wrong.
    2. Deploy code from branches/2.0 in www18:
      • ./deploy-from-svn branches/2.0
    3. Update the vdc: run on 18 the steps provided by Tom in the email. (not as quarkcat though)
      • export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun
      • cd ~quarkcat
      • export VDS_HOME=sw/vds/
      • source sw/vds/
      • updatevdc sw/i2u2svn/cosmic/src/vdl/transformations.vdl
    4. Copy all the perl code to:
      • /disks/i2u2/cosmic/src/perl
      • The nodes look at the code there.
    5. Test
  • 472: Golden File. We will start discussing the specs in our next telecon.
  • Edit sent email with bugs and issues ready to be tested on www13 for cosmic. Roll out of these pending.
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