Meeting Notes for 7 Nov 2012

Present: TomJ, Liz, Marge, Bob, Ken



  • Bug in split – Ken found it
  • Timing - Phong’s problem with VDS to fix the timing problem. Fix it by writing what we need in a file header. New region called header information in the actual file. Metadata will still exist. Unable to change the transformation or the derivation. How do we grandfather in the old data? It does not solve the problem for the old data. Phong approved this method. Tom believes that we are overdue to making this change. Any poster with providence won’t work any more to take advantage of the “run again”. It involves the offset for firmware changes. We will ask Mihael to help and see if he can implement in the standard way with transformations to avoid Tom's proposal.


  • Tom McCauley – getting the right data from the collaboration for the Masterclass. It is really small amount of data. We will probably want to wait to get much more to think about the e-Lab.


  • Future-proofing Bluestone against future updates
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