Meeting Notes for 29 Aug 2012

Present: Phong, TomJ, Liz, TomL
Absent: Marge, Bob


  • Major poster bug: Only odd figures are showing!
  • MikeW investigating replacements for VDS (e.g. Elastic Search)


  • TomJ tested an updated against known-funky test files
  • Detector near Seattle uses a LabView interface which produces slightly malformed data - what to do?
    • Throw it out
  • Event counts are different in the post-blessing world
    • Old: Number of times channel participated in a trigger
    • Current: Number of times channel fired in an interval - independent of trigger
    • Time estimation based on filesize?
    • Use trigger count instead? But old pre-blessing files do not have that information frown, sad smile
    • Revert to old style? But what about current data?


  • Feature requests


  • Exercises were crashing at the Buffalo workshop frown, sad smile
    • z→ee failed in Safari and other tested browsers
    • Feature requests
  • Data export requests
    • Need to talk to CMS, at least
    • Talk to TomM about this?
    • Figure out what the stakeholders need and want

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 2012-09-06
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