Meeting Notes for 11 July 2012

Present: Phong, TomL
Absent: Marge, Bob, TomJ, Liz


  • Major leap second issue caused no end of problems


  • Need SSD - concurrent loads are killing us


  • calibration page 1 goes away
  • remove no global muon options (empty data sets)?
  • describe what "stack plots" mean?
    • leave it unexplained, keep it checked by default
    • rename to "combine plots"
  • tighten calibration text?
    • giant wall of text
    • like-sign muons introduces the idea of background

  • Exploration
    • rewrite data options
      • get rid of MC
      • Give dataset numbers but don't describe what the sets are?
    • rewrite intro text
    • choose event type → automate?
      • the future (for dataset combination)
    • If there's a single choice in an advanced selection option, let the parent node be clickable
    • customize the advanced-mode plot selection popup box per dataset
    • safari 5.1.7 → check plot enable/disable button
    • for dimuon
      • show the detailed stuff in Advanced Mode?
      • "muon quality" cut
      • LS/OS only in the dropdown (default to two globals)
-- Main.PhongNguyen - 2012-08-01
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