Meeting Notes for 2 May 2012

Present: Phong, Liz, TomJ, Bob, Marge
Absent: KenC, TomM, TomL


  • Going to ANL next week
    • Stand up QuarkNet homepage server
    • Going to test a different drive controller for data3 to see if the Areca is giving us trouble
  • Deployment planned for many things this weekend
    • Blessing-M0
    • LIGO updates
  • Scratchdir filled up and blocked Cosmic jobs
    • Changed the scratchdir job to purge stuff after two days, not 14
    • Changed the data2 analysis directory job to purge stuff after 14 days, not 30
    • Compressed orphaned raw upload files (and deleted duplicates) to free up some space
  • What do we do for workshop support?
    • Do we need people on-call?
    • Failure punchlist, that doesn't work, call experts?
    • Give more people sudo access? Dangerous.


  • Workshop in Korea last week
    • Went well!
    • Mentor is leaving frown, sad smile Trying to find a replacement
    • Longevity is an issue for international groups
  • Blessing (see bug 472)
    • Make the error codes more accessible
    • Discussion on Blessing-M2 - when do we do it?
      • Get dev work done well-early
      • Hold off on 'golden files' until end of summer?
      • Show golden files/plots now to advanced workshops?
      • Bless some of our own high-quality data? (Administrative-override)
      • Fellows might take some time to look over M2
  • Priority-buglist in progress


  • Calibration in progress


  • Updates planned to be rolled out
  • LIGO is working on data access issues
-- Main.PhongNguyen - 2012-05-02
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