Meeting Notes for 11 Jan 2012

Present: Phong, Liz, Bob, TomM, TomJ, TomL
Absent: Marge, KenC

Action Items

  • 27 Jan - Calibration tool for CMS
  • Need a changelog


  • Workshop at IMSA
    • Reasonably successful?
  • Moving to new milestone (feature) based blessing rollout
    • Updated code and blessing plots planned for this weekend rollout (possibly Monday/MLK Day)
    • Event quantities are now being counted differently. * Before blessing: count number of pulses * After blessing: counted the number of triggers * Show triggers counts only.
    • Documentation needed for the users


  • Calibration ETA is (2 weeks?)
  • Liz headed to CERN

TomM updates

  • Working on major updates for rich-client iSpy
    • Changes merged into web-client iSpy
  • Fixing JSON format (make it conformant)
  • Reproduce the dimuon samples
  • Produce the dielectron samples
  • Figure out what's needed for dijet samples

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 11 Jan 2012
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