Meeting Notes for 7 Sep 2011

Present: TomM, Phong, Bob, KenC, TomL, Liz, TomJ
Absent: Marge


  • Bugs should be discrete
  • Need prioritization on where elab resources go to?



  • Blessing bugs being fixed
    • Core routines of blessing are useful for our test people
  • Buglist prioritization in progress
    • TomJ needs some guidance on bugs
  • Geometry bug fixed


  • Merge priority list of CMS issues into bugzilla?
  • Changes to the 3D event display need to be merged into SVN
  • Liz working on the "who's your daddy?" game
    • Identify single events
    • A few changes to the game brought up by TomM
  • Even more data is coming
    • Would be nice to get a di-electron data set?


  • Still investigating data stream issues
    • Advanced LIGO upgrades are interrupting the data stream at unscheduled times

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 07 Sep 2011
Topic revision: r22 - 2011-09-07, PhongNguyen
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