Meeting Notes for 27 Jul 2011

Present: TomL, TomM, Phong, Liz
Absent: Marge, TomJ, Bob


  • Datacenter had some cooling issues on Sunday evening; should be resolved


  • Workshop next week
  • Bugs being fixed
  • Monte Carlo data in calibration
    • Confuses some users
  • GG/GT/TG/TT (2/1/1/0 global muons) cuts by 1 October on rundata?
    • How to best present to the user (might just be another channel with 2/1/0) * Pulldown menu (four versus six elements for 2/1 versus 2/1/0 )
    • Need scaffolding!
  • Cosmic ray data?
  • Add vertex information and such to the event display?
  • Data domain issue - regenerate some?
  • Merging runs together for a data set?
    • Background on what each of the data sets are?

  • Help icon interface?
  • Project map popups tend to big read

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 27 Jul 2011
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