Meeting Notes for 16 Mar 2011

Present: Liz, Phong, TomL, Bob, Marge
Absent: TomJ, TomM


  • Working on furlough mitigation strategy
  • Store multiple email addresses for multiple-username authentication?


  • Two fellows wanted 'one stop shopping' like Facebook.
  • Lack of single sign-on is a serious deterrent to the system.
  • Explore external community sources
  • WordPress as a basic CMS?
    • Blogging platform? Tag or submit posts to multiple locations?
  • Teachers might be worried about private/public communications of their students
  • Post updates to facebook?

Community Research

  • Social networking analyses have been done in literature * Looks at links between persons and groups of people * Bridges between groups are important - they make a fairly great contribution to all communities


  • Masterclass seems to be going well. No problems with the tool


  • Blessing


  • Something's wrong with the rsync feed from LIGO

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 16 Mar 2011
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