Meeting Notes for 5 Jan 2011

Present: Liz, Phong, TomL, Bob, Marge
Absent: TomJ


  • NSF seems to like us at the review?
  • New servers are aliiiiiive
  • Helpdesk was apparently bugged in the server move; fixed
    • Planning on testing OSQA (need to get single-signon working)
  • TomM at next week's telecon - should this be every week?
  • Need to fix password authentication scheme
  • Need to fix the surveys/tests


  • More events incoming
    • 2000 events 2-11 GeV processed and available; 2000 events more authorized
    • 500 Z-decay events each dimuon and dielectron authorized
  • TomM is looking at the data and using his tools to see if the data is good


  • Dedicate a machine to small jobs?
  • If jobs fail, clean up their scratch directory


-- Main.PhongNguyen - 05 Jan 2011
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