Meeting Notes for 8 Dec 2010

Present: TomJ, Bob, Liz, Phong, TomL, Ken, Marge


  • Phong's going to ANL to discuss server transition stuff
    • Ken discovered our DB server uses RAID-0. This is bad. We're going to fix this. (Probably RAID-10 with hotspare? RAID-10 data + single write-log spindle?)
    • Other things - start moving to that shiny new hardware, etc.
    • Transition load-balancing/proxy duties to ANL. * Implementation of helpdesk system (RT, OSQA) * IE6 usage has dropped like a rock


  • Bob has major concerns about HyperTerm. Alternatives?
    • Issues with security blocking USB, serial, etc.
  • Data blessing spec
    • TomJ hopes to make it final-ish early next week
    • Notes need to be sent out by this weekend
    • In the tutorial mode, not only show the comparison plots but also do the automated routine and tell them if (and why) we disagree.
      • Show the acceptable range (±2σ) and if there was a failure?
    • Some sort of game mode to teach people?
    • Issues over 'admin'-override of the existing "blessed or not blessed" status. Have to be careful over this? (Multiple votes to override?)
    • Search the metadata? Keep search fields at a minimum.
    • Use the power of the blessing routine to compare detectors?


  • Continuing issues with getting more data?
    • We've got to get more data
    • JamieA says processing data is short work
    • Other issues with updating ELabs and UI (esp. the calibration/exploration systems)
  • Get TomM up to speed - should he start joining the TC?
    • Prioritize his tasks
    • Give him detailed ideas on what to do?
  • Masterclass
    • Design spec needed?
    • They want a histogram based on event selection and cuts
    • MC tools and data on a DVD/CD? LHC considers that publication.
  • Start integrating the histogram and event display stuff?

  • www12 has a problem
  • www18 had a rollout but the new data isn't showing up.


  • Datafeed issues; being looked into.

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 08 Dec 2010
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