Meeting Notes for 1 Dec 2010

Present: Liz, Phong, TomL
Absent: TomJ, Bob, Marge


  • Argonne maintenance this weekend
  • vm1 and www19 are open on HTTP(S) to the world for testing


  • Issue with the small number of events?
  • Being discussed with Randy, CMS, etc.


  • Blessing - in the manual blessing mode, show the user what the system thinks?
    • If the system thinks a file shouldn't be blessed - the computer says why.
    • Have a training system first? Give them ten fake ones to learn first?
  • Data can say "blessed as of" (datestamp)
  • For flux studies across places, we might want to have use cases across multiple locations and such
    • Say a use case is comparing two things?
  • How does WALTA bless their data?
    • Do they do more than a consistency check?
    • All setups identical?


-- Main.PhongNguyen - 01 Dec 2010
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