Meeting Notes for 10 Nov 2010

Present: Bob, Liz, Phong, TomJ, TomL
Absent: Marge


  • Downtime Proposal for Thanksgiving Week
    • Get the new production server operational
    • Upgrade the database server to Ubuntu 10.04
  • Phong met with Vytas Cuplinskas (UI/UX expert) - Mike Wilde may have some funding
  • Phong also met at Adler with Chris Lintott (ELabs Ad Board) & co.
  • Some sort of recent "in the news" list?


  • TomJ sent wireframes of the data blessing UI
  • Mihael has a cosmic shower tool here
  • Various mechanisms needed
  • Data blessing meeting next week (starting 15 Nov)


  • Looks like we have Tom McCauley
  • Rundata still not available (waiting for postprocessing)
  • CMS discussion
    • Masterclass has a plan for J/psi
      • Students will be able to filter it
      • Sets of data generated by the students?
      • Gateway to a community of users
    • Rundata - made need some updates for the supporting documentation


-- Main.PhongNguyen - 10 Nov 2010
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