Meeting Notes for 20 Oct 2010

Present: Bob, TomL, Phong
Absent: Liz, Marge, TomJ


  • Ad board meeting next week!


  • Working on issues.
  • Bob going to a conference and presenting QuarkNet and the teacher/mentor experience.


  • Get a grad student at ND for some data acquisition?
  • What data do we bring in for what tools?
    • More than Z data - dimuon data?
    • Get an sample of a certain energy range (i.e. skim the data)
    • Hold that skim long enough so we can see some events
  • Can we modify the tools we have so we can impose our own cuts on rundata?
  • Conversation on what we need to do needs to happen next week?


  • Working on backfilling old data

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 20 Oct 2010
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